Changer la personnalité d’ERS-111

Aibo-Ware (programme de personnalité) ERA-111M ver 1.1 oui, mais comment en changer ?

En anglais ça donne :

« To install a personality you will need the appropriate RCODE & Yart software (which you can download from here). Then get yourself a blank PMS (one without an ERF number on the sticker) and delete any files on the stick (do not format, and only use a Sony brand stick reader !!) . Download the appropriate RCODE+YART memory stick image and unzip the memory stick image on top of your RCODE/PMS stick. Right click on the personality you want above and then unzip it to the root of the memory stick. It will ask you to replace some files. Answer “Yes”. Put the memory stick inside your AIBO and start it up.

If you need further help installing these please email

Please note that accepts no responsibility for software or personalities downloaded from this or other sites. Those that are hosted here have been sourced from other sites and are made available as is. Please follow any instructions closely. All programs are used at the owners’ risk. »

Du coup il me faut un lecteur de carte Memory Stick (MS) de chez Sony et si possible une seconde carte (histoire de ne pas formater mon Aibo-Ware original, Geek mais pas fou).

Contenu de certains fichiers d’ERS-111…

in the « open-r/app/conf » directory :

bntdebug.cfg : You can turn on and off the various traits of the AIBO : growing, learning, emotion and instinct. A one turns the feature on, while zero turns it off :
Also, if you turn off the AIBO’s emotions or instincts you can set the relevant values yourself :
anger xxx affection xxx appetite xxx curiosity xxx disgust xxx exercise xxx fear xxx joy xxx sadness xxx surprise xxx
Where xxx is any number between 0 and 100. This easily allows you to see how your AIBO would react under various fixed conditions.
touch.cfg : This file allows you to modify the touch times for the head sensor. Below are the values and their default settings :
The times are in hundreths of a second and are the times for an attention tap, a scold and a friendly pat.
lion : This strangely-named file allows you to set the time that each stage requires. Below are the values and their ERS-111 defaults (remember that the ERS-110 matures a little quicker than the 111). Note the "[DEBUG_GROWING] :
[DEBUG_GROWING] BABY 100000 CHILD 300000 YOUNG 1000000 ADULT 4000000


Logiciel permettant de modifier les données de la personnalité d’aibo

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Author: mathieu

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